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How to choose a cruise

So you know you want to give cruising a go but how do you go about choosing the right cruise? Where is the best place to cruise? Which is the best cruise line? When is best to cruise? There's a lot to think about but we've got all the advice you need on planning your cruises to make sure your holidays are a good way!

How to book a cruise

Once you whittle down where you want to go and how, you'll need to tackle booking a cruise holiday. How do you go about cruise ship booking? Do you book direct or with a travel agent? Do you book shore excursions in advance? Our guidance should help you through this tricky - but fun! - stage of the holiday process.

What to pack for a cruise

Even seasoned travellers get stuck when it comes to selecting what to pack for a cruise and finalising a cruise packing list. How to pack light for a cruise? What toiletries to pack for a cruise? How many fancy outfits do you need? This is what you should pack for your cruise holiday - and what you don't need to take with you.

How to save money on a cruise

We get it, cruise holidays can be expensive and we want to make sure the pennies and pounds are spent wisely. Our cruise money advice will show you how to save money on a cruise ship, whether all-inclusive can save you money and how to get the most bang for your buck.

How to pick cruise shore excursions

Right, you've sorted out the hefty bits of the holiday now to fine-tune the details of what you'll get up to while away. Making the most of ports of call is key on a cruise holiday, so read on to find out how do cruise excursions work, whether to choose cruise shore excursions on your own or with the line, how to save on cruise excursions and more.

Top cruise tips

So yes, there's lots to factor in when booking your first cruise and you'll likely have lots of questions. From which ships specialise in what to how to buy travel insurance for cruises, we've got your back with our general cruise guidance.

Cruise holidays have so much to offer travellers, whether it's whisking globetrotters off to multiple destinations without ever having to unpack or feasting on delicious food and wine as you sail past stunning cities and landscapes. As actress Celia Imrie once said, cruising "is the most perfect way to travel… you feel rested, you don't have any jet lag and you can spend the rest of the time saying, 'Hello sailor!'" However, undertaking your first cruise can be daunting as there is lots to think about: How to book a cruise for the first time – direct? Through a travel agent? Now or later?

Alternatively, you might be after a cheap cruise – which cruise cabins are best? What cruise deals are there? Are there any money-saving tips? Maybe you’re stuck on when is best to sail – summer? Winter? Off-peak? And that’s before you’ve even thought about the plethora of cruise lines and cruise ships – P&O? Royal Caribbean? Seabourn? What do all these names really mean? And what's the best first cruise destination? Phew, it’s exhausting just thinking about it! Luckily, we've got all the first time cruise advice you need to organise the very best getaway for those new to cruise.

World of Cruising will help you choose your best first cruise to go on from your first cruise line, whether you’re after a family cruise, solo cruise or adventure cruise to your cruise packing list. We'll also share the best first time cruise advice on booking shore excursions and tackling the nitty-gritty of travel insurance. There’s so much to look forward to when you’ve booked your first cruise and World of Cruising is here to answer your first time cruise questions and sure you get everything you need from your first cruise holiday at sea…and then some!