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Firstly, you’ll want to start the search by selecting your initial preference, choosing between ‘Cruise Lines’ or ‘Destinations’.

If you would like to view both of these options, then there’s a third choice for that, too. Next, you can pick the type of ship that you would like to travel aboard.

There are several choices here, from the biggest ocean-going liners available, to smaller boutique vessels and river ships. You can select more than one, so don’t limit yourself!

Following that, if you are looking for a sailing packed with plenty of entertainment and activities onboard, or if you would prefer an expedition that’s classy and affordable, now is the time to say.

Next, inform the search engine about your choice between a river and an ocean journey.

The subsequent three steps are optional, but we recommend making a selection. The more you tell our Matchmaker, the greater your matches will be!

If you want to party, occasionally let your hair down, enjoy lectures and learning, or enjoy some low-key entertainment, here’s your chance to tailor your search for excellent results.

Next up, you can choose between sailings where anyone can travel or an ‘Adult Only’ excursion. Furthermore, you’ll get the opportunity to inform us about your travelling party.

Travelling solo, or with family and friends? It’s time to let us know!

After these options, you can personalise the search even further by selecting multiple boxes about what you would like to see and enjoy at this stage. You can choose from beaches, cities, outdoor activities, wildlife & nature, and culture & history.

Finally, you’ll want to inform the Matchmaker about your preferred yearly time to take a holiday. You can select from ‘Hot’ to ‘Cold’, and then by month.

That’s when the big, exciting button appears – Find My Cruises!

Don’t panic if you’ve changed your mind about specific questions by this point. Click on ‘Edit Your Selection’ to review your holiday selections.

After that, we will present you with what’s available and matches your preferences.